The Cellar

The museum has one of the best exhibits of rare and unique minerals in the area. The round room off the main room is an exhibit honoring mining and miners.

A small adjacent room is a treasure trove of medical instruments and features Kinney Drugs. Kinney Drugs began in Gouverneur and the community is very proud of them. On your way to the medical room, did you spot the 2-headed calf?

Featured on the other side of the stairs is the business technology area. From a giant scale for weighing limestone to typewriters and vintage cameras, the cellar has a lot to see.

The Gouverneur Museum is very proud to house an extensive collection of local minerals. Some of these are very rare, some are only found here in the Gouverneur area. The Gouverneur area is well known to mineral collectors for the amazing range of specimens available. The cases and shelves in the basement of the museum are filled with some of these rare specimens.

In the cellar, the round room is devoted to the mining industry. The exhibit is complete with a "miner," equipment and gear, and a rock moving machine.

The wide array of medical and dental devices is sure to make the strongest constitution squirm. A vintage dentist chair and a wooden wheelchair are part of the many medical exhibits in a room dedicated to Gouverneur doctors, health and medicine; and of course, Kinney Drugs.

Located at the foot of the cellar stairs is a very large, industrial sized scale. It will weigh up to 250 pounds and is very accurate despite its age.

It was once part of the day-to-day work flow of a well-known Gouverneur company, the Balducci Crushed Stone, Inc. which operated on Parker Street and is a vital part of Gouverneur's local history.

Since Gouverneur is famous for its minerals, especially marble, it was only natural that a company like Balducci's would be important in the local economic chain. The firm supplied crushed stone for use in road building, etc and lime to farmers and various dealers in Northern New York.

There's not too much to say about a two-headed calf, except it is usually children's favorite item in the collection. It is a taxidermy specimen used by S.W. Payne to promote the sale of "Calf Saver," which he manufactured. There is more information about it on the website.

Cellar Docent: Jon Jackson