The Foyer

Start your tour at the front door. Visitors enter the museum through the beautiful foyer. Please sign the guestbook and take a brochure. We have a few special items available for purchase.

FIRST FLOOR: To the left is our Living Room, to the right the Dining Room. If you make a hard right, you will see the Music Room.

SECOND FLOOR: The stairs lead to the Military Room, the Children's Room, The Bedroom, the Women's Room and the Museum's Research Library.


Down the hallway, you'll find the CELLAR door, across from the office, just before the kitchen. Don't miss the exhibits there, like the mineral collection, giant scale and the two headed calf.

And don't forget about the OUT BUILDING. There, you'll see a giant film projector and Gouverneur's first fire truck.

The most interesting item in the foyer, is a log with three unexploded Civil War shells in it. The tree from which this came, stood between the Rebel and Union lines on Missionary Ridge, in Tennessee. How did it get to Gouverneur? Read more to find out...

The town is named after Gouverneur Morris, who was one of our country's founding fathers. In the foyer you will see the original deed to the town of Gouverneur, given to the town by Gouverneur Morris. The town is the only town in the US with the name, Gouverneur.

Foyer Docent: Bill Cartwright